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Frequently Asked Questions

1. 811 Requirements

Attention Agents!: As many of you are already aware the State of Washington is now requiring post companies to get a full utility locate before installing any real estate posts under the penalty of incurring a $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000 fine. To be in compliance with this regulation, we are making adjustments to our installation schedule as of the 1st of April. We do not want this new state requirement to result in a price increase, so we will give every agent 2 options.

Option 1 - You (the agent) mark the area in which you would like the post installed with white paint or white flags, then order your post by 4pm. NO PRICE CHANGE NEEDED. One day faster than option 2.

Option 2 - The office or agent orders the post without marking the subject property by 4pm. Next Day Posts, LLC will go out the next day and mark the property for the utility locate. A $19 trip fee will be charged (out of area posts will be more depending on the distance). One day slower than option 1.

Since utility location companies only operate Monday thru Friday, here is how the schedule would work:

Option 1 - NO Charge
Post OrderedProperty MarkedInstallation Day
Saturday, Sunday or MondayBy agentThursday
TuesdayBy agentFriday
WednesdayBy agentMonday
ThursdayBy agentTuesday
FridayBy agentWednesday

Option 2 - Trip Fee
Post OrderedProperty MarkedInstallation Day
Saturday, Sunday or MondayBy Next Day Posts, LLCFriday
TuesdayBy Next Day Posts, LLCMonday
WednesdayBy Next Day Posts, LLCTuesday
ThursdayBy Next Day Posts, LLCWednesday
FridayBy Next Day Posts, LLCThursday

** All vacant land will need to be marked by the agent.

2. How do I place an order?

We request that all orders be sent online to avoid any miscommunication. You will receive a confirmation of your order. We understand you’re busy. Therefore, if you will not be near a computer before our 4:00 PM deadline and need an install the next day, we will take the basic information over the telephone so long as you will follow up with an online order later that day.

3. Can you tell me what time the post will be installed?

We are not able to give an exact time of the post installation, as there are too many variables in the installer’s day to guarantee a specific time. However, we are happy to give a broad estimate, and call to confirm the completion of an order at your request.

4. Can the homeowner or I meet you to let you know where to install the post?

It is very difficult to pinpoint an exact time to meet with either an agent or homeowner. We prefer that the post location be marked if there is a specific area we need to place the post.

5. Does 3 month or 6 month post installation mean the post will be removed after the 3 or 6 month period is over?

We will not remove the post until the agent requests we remove it. If a post needs to be up for longer than the original 3 or 6 month period, it will be automatically renewed for $9 for an additional 6 month period.

6. Do I need to request the post removal?

Yes. Please let us know when it is time to remove the post. Please also be sure to let the homeowner know that we will be there to remove it so that it is accessible.

7. What happens if the post is stolen or missing?

A lost post fee of $25 applies for any post that is stolen, missing or destroyed. In many cases, a post is only missing because the homeowners have placed it in their garage or somewhere else that is inaccessible. Our hope is that real estate agents will be able to communicate with homeowners to let them know we will be coming to remove the post so it is readily available for pick up, as well as aide in the retrieval of a missing post.

8. Do you make signs?

We do not make signs, but can provide references to reputable sign companies in the area.

9. Do you store signs and flyer boxes?

Yes. We store signs and flyer boxes for the majority of the agents we serve. Please be sure to write your name on the bottom of the flyer box in permanent ink so that we will be able to identify it.

10. I’m a new agent. How do I get my signs and flyer boxes to you for installation?

We have a few options depending on what is most convenient for you. You can leave your signs and/or flyer boxes at your listing where we will be installing a post, and we will hang them for you. Alternatively, you can drop them by our office. (Be sure to call for driving directions.) If it is not urgent, we will pick up your signs for no charge at your office (or other location) the next time we are in the area, and install the post the following day. If it is urgent and you would like us to pick up your signs the next day from your office (or other location), we may charge a $15 trip fee.

11. I left my sign and flyer box on the post you recently removed. What happens to them?

If the sign and flyer box are on a post that we remove, we store them at our warehouse. If you left a flyer box on the post but did not have your name written on the bottom in permanent ink, please call to let us know so we can attempt to identify it.

12. How will I be billed?

Unless other arrangements have been made to invoice your account, payment is collected at the time your order is placed via Pay Pal, Visa or Master Card. We send out bills for invoiced accounts at the end of each month. If you prefer, we can fax or email your invoice to you instead of sending it through the mail. Just make that request on your order and we’ll be happy to accommodate that request.

13. Do you accept credit card payment?

We accept Pay Pal, Visa, MasterCard, or a debit card with either of those logos.

14. Can I set up my account for automatic payment via my credit card?

Most agents pay at the time the order is placed. However, for agents whose accounts are invoiced, we can set up automatic payments through Pay Pal, Visa, MasterCard, or a debit card with either of those logos. We mail, email or fax the invoices on the 1st of every month, and then process the credit card on file on the 10th of that month. Should you like your account to be set up that way, simply let us know.

Orders can be made 24hrs per day via our website through our online order form.