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Standard Service Area - 3 month rental$41.00
Standard Service Area - 6 month rental$47.00
Extended Service Area - Price Varies 
After initial period post automatically renewed for 6 months until removed$9.00
Trip out of service area - Price Varies 
Rented Hard Plastic Flyer box installed by Next Day Posts$12.00
Provided by agent and installed by Next Day Posts$0.00
Directional mounted on a stake$5.00
Destroyed or missing post$39.00
Trip Fee$19.00
Post delivered to agent for independent install$25.00
Charge for late payment on fees due per invoice$10.00
NSF Fee - Check Returned$35.00
Anderson Island Trip Fee$55.00
Additional Post Fee$29.00

Orders can be made 24hrs per day via our website through our online order form.